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Covid -19 Updates

As restrictions begin to ease around the country, NAR provides this guidance to assist brokers in formulating guidelines for their businesses and agents in preparation for business in the new normal. NAR continues to encourage members to use virtual showings and limit in-person activity in all other aspects of the transaction as much as possible during the pendency of this crisis, even where in-person showings are allowable by state or local order.

This is general guidance only. Be sure to consult legal counsel, public health information, all applicable executive orders, and federal, state, and local government and agency guidance.

Before Conducting In-Person Showings

  • Check state and local executive orders to confirm the permissibility, and any specific requirements, of conducting in-person showings.
  • Encourage buyers to narrow their property search through photos, virtual tours, and leveraging other technology to reduce the number of in-person showings.

  • Consider adopting a policy of asking all buyers for a pre-qualification letter to limit in-person showings only to qualified and serious buyers.
  • Be familiar with state and local restrictions based on whether a property is vacant, owner-occupied, or tenant-occupied, and consider implementing different precautions for occupied properties versus vacant properties.

  • Discuss with a seller the precautions that will be taken when showing their property, and adhere to any specific requirements requested by sellers showing the property.

  • Require property showings by appointment, in lieu of open houses, to reduce the number of persons in a property at any given time.
  • Request both the seller and potential buyers to self-disclose whether they have COVID-19 or exhibit any symptoms. However, note that COVID-19 is also spread by individuals who are asymptomatic.
  • Be aware of any state or local restrictions on the number of people who may be present at the showing, and discourage non-essential parties from attending the showing.

  • Be aware of and comply with fair housing obligations related to COVID-19, see Guidance for Fair Housing Compliance During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • Ask buyers to remain in their vehicle until you arrive at the property.
  • For owner or tenant-occupied properties, request that the seller or tenant open all cabinets, closets, window coverings, and to turn on lights before leaving the property.

  • For vacant properties, arrive early to open the front door, open all cabinets, closet, window coverings, and to turn on lights.

During In-Person Showings

  • Adhere to social distancing recommendations, and maintain a minimum of six feet of space between persons at all times.
  • Avoid shaking hands with clients.

  • Limit the number of persons who may attend a showing, such as only four people total.

  • Require all persons entering a property to immediately wash their hands or to use hand sanitizer, remove footwear or wear booties, and wear a face mask or covering, and gloves.

  • Instruct buyers and others touring the home to avoid touching any surfaces in the home, such as light switches, cabinet and door handles.

  • Instruct buyers and guests not to use bathroom facilities at the property.

  • Do not share phones, pens, or tablets or other personal property during the showing.

  • Comply with any requirements of the seller during the showing.

After Showing Property

  • Wipe down any surfaces touched during the showing with a sanitizing wipe or disinfecting cleaner, as requested by seller, and suggest the seller also disinfect the property.
  • Wipe down the key and lockbox with a sanitizing wipe or disinfecting cleaner after use.
  • Speak with buyers outside of the property or in a ventilated area while maintaining a distance of 6 feet, or arrange to speak by phone or email.
  • Do not provide any paper documents, and instead follow up with any information electronically after you leave the property.
  • Use hand sanitizer upon returning to your vehicle.
  • Maintain a detailed log of interactions to enable contact tracing, to include names, dates, and locations of interactions, as well as a party’s contact information.

Here are the guidelines for proper cleaning and sanitizing before a showing click here to view.

To address issues that come up in your day-to-day business, we urge members to find answers that ensure first-class service to clients, while also demonstrating care for the health and well-being of clients, agents, and the greater public welfare in reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Can a tenant prohibit prospective tenants from viewing my client’s property due to coronavirus concerns?

Generally speaking, a tenant may not prevent showings. However, in these unique circumstances, it is imperative that you consider everyone’s health and safety first, and consider offering a a virtual showing of the property to avoid in-person contact all together. 

Be familiar with applicable executive orders that may limit your ability to show property in-person, and be aware that some state regulatory agencies have even banned tenant-occupied property showings. Consider doing in a virtual showing of the property, and where an in-person showing takes place be sure to take all necessary precautions and observe CDC recommendations, including requiring prospective tenants to wear a face mask, gloves and/or booties, to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer immediately upon entry, and practice social distancing at all times.

The tenants in my client’s property are under quarantine and the lease is ending. What can we do?

Several jurisdictions across the country have temporarily suspended eviction and foreclosure proceedings. Even where such suspensions are not in place, if a tenant or anyone living in the property is under quarantine for COVID-19 illness or exposure to COVID-19, consider allowing the tenant to remain in place for the duration of the quarantine period. If the lease agreement calls for penalties for failure to vacate the property, the landlord may exercise discretion in enforcing the penalties, or the landlord and tenant could agree to additional rent during the duration of the holdover period.

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Applications & Leasing Process

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