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Key Details




A mix of young professionals and San Francisco veterans.

Upscale, Lively, Energetic, Active, Nightlife, Shopping, Entertainment, Pricey


Endless entertainment options just minutes away.


Buzzy, cosmopolitan, and vibrant.


A plethora of outdoor activities..


Plentiful apartments and townhouses with few single-family homes.



The neighborhood’s casual elegance and simple glamour.

Commute Times

Financial District 20m by car
South San Francisco 35m by car
Silicon Valley 60m by car
East to West Van Ness Avenue, the Presidio of San Francisco to the west
North to South Lombard Street to the north and Green Street to the south
Nearby Neighborhoods Marina, Pacific Heights, Hayes Valley

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Cow Hollow:
Cow Hollow is one of San Francisco’s most well-known and desirable neighborhoods, featuring world-class boutique shopping, a diverse housing market and easy proximity to recreation and work.

Blessed with quiet residential streets and ample entertainment opportunities, Cow Hollow sits atop the wish lists of a variety of San Franciscans, from new families to long-established members of the city’s upper class.

The Neighbors:
A mix of young professionals and San Francisco veterans.

Who lives in Cow Hollow? A combination of San Francisco families and young, active professionals make this neighborhood one of the city’s most vibrant. Weekend mornings on Union Street feature a parade of spandex and yoga mats, while just up the street society matrons tend to their small sidewalk gardens.

What To Expect:
Endless entertainment options just minutes away.

Cow Hollow has been a desirable neighborhood for decades, but its recent demographic shift has given it a shot of adrenaline. Union Street has found new life as trendy new boutiques, spas, cycle shops, and casual eateries share space with long-time neighborhood fixtures.

The Lifestyle:
Buzzy, cosmopolitan, and vibrant.

Cow Hollow residents work hard, play hard, and yet somehow it seems that they’re doing it all with ease. They can blow off steam at a multitude of bars and clubs in the neighborhood, but also appreciate a quiet night at home, entertaining friends, or maybe just sitting with a glass of wine and gazing out the window at the bay.

Unexpected Appeal:
A plethora of outdoor activities.

Cow Hollow delivers the quintessential urban, dynamic lifestyle as much as any other neighborhood in San Francisco. Think of it as Manhattan — only without the skyscrapers and humidity, and located just a short walk from incredible outdoor recreational opportunities.

The Market:
Plentiful apartments and townhouses with few single-family homes.

Cow Hollow is not cheap and it is no place to find small, reasonably priced single-family homes. However, it has an abundance of apartments and townhouses, most of which have been remodeled several times over. Though once a neighborhood of fixer-uppers, Cow Hollow is that no more.

You’ll Fall In Love With:
The neighborhood’s casual elegance and simple glamour.

There is always something to do in Cow Hollow, which is why locals love their neighborhood so much. Cow Hollow residents love being outdoors, whether that means passing the time at a sidewalk café or setting a new personal best time on a run to the Marina Green, all while maintaining a level of luxury and style.